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VEDICSATISH.com was established by Astrologer Mr.Satish Babu. According to his desires, this site was made to give quick specific answers to inquiries by the members, in view of the standards of Vedic Astrology.Mr.Satish Babu  is a specialist Vedic astrologer, having done significant examination in Numerology, Vedic Astrology and Nadi Astrology. He is, additionally speaking, also an expert in the subjects of Vasthu, Gemology, Pronology, Signaturalogy, Graphalogy, Name Numerology and Psychology. With his energy, commitment and untiring endeavors, he came up with a site named "VEDICSATISH.com" in order to provide high level services in the field of Astrology and Numerology. He recommends certain solutions for different problems regarding Education, Marriage, Business, Career and Marital happiness after precisely inspecting the Horoscope and gives ideal solutions and remedies. Additionally, he has contacts with Vedic Scholars and pandits through whom he offers services such as Fire ceremonies, Pujas and Homas. Individuals from various parts of society profit from the therapeutic measures proposed by Shree Satish Garu for problems concerned with Business, Career, Marriage, Education, Marital bliss, Progency, Finance and Relationships.

He is a resident of Bangalore, India. He finished his Masters in International Business and has taken numerous courses in Astrology, Numerology, Gemology, Pronology and Signaturalogy. He has unequivocal faith in Astrology and believes it ought to be utilized as a pathway to comprehend your life better. This subject serves as a sort of treatment and offers a unique point of view about what is going on RIGHT NOW. It also helps us figure out what are the barriers that lie in our path to success. Consequently, he urges individuals to study astrology so they would have the capacity to foresee the consequences of their actions and prepare for times both good and bad. The intent is to offer high quality services to the general population as Astrological reports, therapeutic measures and other celestial products at low costs, along with providing an awareness of Astrology to the general population over the globe.

The reception of input from numerous customers around the world is an indication in itself about the goodwill that has been showered upon him by the heavenly powers. According to Karma, the individual is responsible for his own luck, taking into account the deeds he performed in the past life. However, there is an answer for every issue with Spirituality, Mantra treatment, Rudraksha therapy, Gemstone treatment, and lastly through Psychological counselling.

Our prominent astrologer Shree Satish Babu Garu gives a thorough Horoscope Analysis at most sensible charges. We will also provide you with ample opportunities and facilities to participate in the recommended Pujas through our Online forum. These Pujas shall be conducted by respected and competent Pundits under the expert supervision of Mr. Satish Babu.He is expert in providing Vedic remedial solutions for your life problems.

We are flourishing at our business, giving the best possible Astrological services to our clients and setting ourselves up for the long run.

Our Main objectives are :

1. To spread awareness about the fact that Rudrakshas, Holy Pujas, Yantras and Remedial measures are solely beneficent in nature and have no adverse impacts. These Astrological Remedial measures even appease planets apart from their other divine blessings.

2. To make people aware that the gift of God is for the advantage of all, regardless of position, society, religion, geographical area, age, gender
, etc. Astrology is the Great gift of God to Mankind written by Sages Parashara and Bhrighu.

3. To hold a discussion and instruct the general population as to the significance of Holy pujas, Yantras and Rudraksha dabs and to share personal experiences and knowledge with the hope that others may profit from those experiences.

 4. To offer top quality services to the general population as Astrological Consultation Reports, Therapeutic measures and other divine items at sensible costs, along with an awareness of the significance of these religious exercises across the globe.

 5. To Promote Holy Pujas, Yantras, Rudraksha beads for the advantage of individuals and instructing them on the properties and advantages that they put forth in healing infections and appeasing planets as specified in ancient shastras and defined by old Vedic researchers or sages.

 6. To Provide ideal services to our trusted clients, providing a high degree of satisfaction by carefully examining their horoscopes and suggesting any remedial measures that might ease their way through life.

 7.To introduce the world of Vedic Astrology to the people and to solve the various life problems.

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